How to arrange your living room for 'wow' factor

If your living room feels a little lacklustre, it may be that it just needs rearranging rather than a total makeover. Here are the simple tips and tricks the professionals use to arrange a living room for maximum impact as well as everyday comfort.

1) Keep entryways clear

Make sure that it is easy to walk into your living room without banging your thigh against a table or dodging the leaves of a large plant. Having enough clearance to comfortably enter the living room is not only practical, it makes it look much more welcoming.


2) Decide on a focal wall

Perhaps you have a stunning fireplace to showcase, a beautiful bay window, or maybe you want the TV to be on your focal wall? Whichever wall you choose, try to arrange the seating so that it is either facing or angled toward the focal wall.

3) Make the sofa the priority

The priority piece of furniture is your sofa, so when arranging your living room, first make sure the sofa is in the best possible space, then arrange the smaller pieces of furniture in relation to your sofa. On that note, don’t push it against the wall (a common mistake), unless it’s an L-shaped sofa in a corner.


4) Use it, or lose it

We’re not suggesting you ditch your beloved mid-century coffee table, but try to be ruthless with your furniture. If you never use a footrest, donate it or sell it rather than let it take up room and gather dust. You’ll free up space to add things you might really need – like a sideboard for storage.

5) Remember the “3 Foot” rule

Ideally, you want to have about three feet of walking space around the living room to avoid bumping into walls and furniture as well as to be able to open doors and cupboard drawers with ease.

6) Furniture should float

Pushing furniture up against the walls just doesn’t look right. Surprisingly, pulling the sofa at least 12 inches from the wall creates white space that actually makes the room feel bigger and more inviting, rather than creating dead space in the middle of the room.

7) Mind the Rugs

Rugs add warmth, colour and texture as well as ‘centre’ a space. Just make sure that your furniture legs are either on the rug or off it instead of wobbling. And try to keep the edges and corners of rugs out of major walkways to avoid people tripping over them.


8) Add personality

Flowers and plants really bring life into a home. Lush indoor trees look great in corners and pot plants and flowers can adorn bookcases, side tables, coffee tables or mantelpieces. Add some pieces to the room that you really love such as a retro lamp or stunning artwork. And don’t forget textiles; pillows and throws complete a sofa by adding softness, colour and of course comfort.

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