10 best Scandinavian inspired interior ideas

If you’re looking for a way to give your interior a fresh vibe, or you just want a light, airy look that makes your home feel uncluttered, our top 10 Scandinavian inspired interior ideas are just the ticket.

1. Combine comfort and quality

Hygge, pronounced "hoo-ga," is a Danish concept that describes the cosy contentment one gets from enjoying the simple things in life. Scandinavian style is renowned for its relaxed aesthetic and high quality materials. With its super soft cushions and classic modernity the Hampton sofa is the perfect example of practical style.  

SLOOPY_vintage_kit_0012_web-600x429Hampton sofa 

2. Light it up

Lighting is a critical element to Scandinavian décor  and is used for ambiance as well as practical purposes. Danish design favours an industrial aesthetic, therefore wall sconces and pendant lamps are popular choices. The playful cloud like formations in the Strand Pendant Lamp series from Muuto are a light and airy example which offers a great sense of sculpture and form. 

doze-lounge-chair-ottoman-forest-nap-512-chrome-strand-lamp-closed-ridge-vase-pebble-rug-muuto-org_(150)Strand Pendant Lamp 

3. A natural and neutral palette 

When it comes to colour, Scandinavian interiors draw inspiration from nature. White walls allow the light to bounce around the room and the furnishings and décor  to stand out. You’ll usually find the furniture is in reserved shades of gray, white, brown and black, but if you crave colour, add pops of sea green, navy blue and dusty pink, which provide a subtle burst of colour without appearing gaudy. 

The Around coffee table adds a hint of colour to a light interior, and looks great teamed with a neutral sofa. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 10.41.32 AMMuuto Around coffee table 

4. Lovely in leather 

Just as nature inspires the colour palette in Scandinavian interiors, they also tend to opt for furnishings in natural fabrics. Leather is the ideal choice for accent chairs as it wears well and (when cared for appropriately) will only look better with age. We love the Cover Chair for its classic design. Plus with a robust, solid beech wood frame and leather seat it is sure to stand the tests of time. 

cover chair close up crop1
Cover chair with leather seat 

5. Warm it with wood

Natural wood is a key feature in Scandinavian interiors and it can be seen in furniture, flooring and even wall panels. It provides a delightful contrast against an all white décor , makes a room feel sunny and, as it’s a natural insulator, it adds a whole lot of hygge. Opt for light woods like maple, pine, oak, and teak to showcase the natural wood grain in  furniture such as dining and coffee tables and sideboards.

Circa Media Cabinet by Karpenter

6. Make space for socialising

In the ‘Magic of eating together around a dining table’ we discussed how valuable communal dining is to our wellbeing, and the Europeans are experts in the art of socialising. A good sized simple pine or oak dining table makes a stunning centrepiece in the home and the perfect spot for shared meals, engaging conversation and displaying your fresh flowers and candleholders. If you have the space, opt for a rectangular or square table with defined lines and plenty of room for guests. 

Grasshopper rectangular dining table

7. Think simple and stylish 

Scandinavian furniture design features clean lines and organic shapes. Simple and minimal is key, but it’s a welcoming and comfortable minimal chic, never stark or clinical. Instead, it creates a calm atmosphere and feeling of spaciousness. Investing in timeless quality furniture, with thoughtful design will ensure you enjoy many years of use and a look that won’t go out of style. 


8. Clear the clutter

Scandinavian style is in firm favour of the ‘less is more’ aesthetic and there's never been a better time to get your home ship shape and clutter free. To create a visually relaxing space, remove all unnecessary clutter and invest in cabinets and shelving to store the things you truly love and use. Our Stacked storage system is a great way to house your books and décor and our Restore felt baskets are ideal for storing bits and bobs such as magazines, office supplies, toys and throws.

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 3.30.15 PM
Restore storage baskets  

9. Mix patterns and textures 

Although Scandinavian style is relatively minimalist it is far from uninviting. To bring warmth to a room, add a range of soft textures such as a sheepskin rug, cosy mohair throws and kilim rugs. And don’t be afraid to be playful and eclectic in your approach to décor . Consider an assortment of dining chairs in mismatched shapes and colours to add a touch of whimsy and streaks of colour.  Keep your decorative accents clean-lined, but feel free to explore patterns. Geometric print cushions look stunning against a muted sofa and elegant ceramic vases are lovely on the dining table or shelving unit. 

Zanderscushion-crop_01Zanders & Co La Palma Cushion & Eve Sofa in Khaki Linen

10. Plant power

Every Copenhagen home is packed with plants. They are a beautiful, non-committal way to inject colour with green, red or purple leaves. Use your windowsill as a space to house an interesting grouping of mixed succulents or grow your own microherbs. And if you don’t have a huge amount of luck keeping plants alive, go for hardy, low maintenance plants such as Chinese evergreen, zz plant, moth orchids, snake plant, ponytail palm or a jade plant.


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